Founded in Boulder Colorado in 2007, Ciao was created with the vision of bringing a bottled water to market that would offer the world a alternative to traditional plastic.

Ciao’s mission is to provide great water in an earth friendly bottle. We use a bottle that is OXO-BIODEGRADABLE and only the finest spring water. Our bottle is reusable, recyclable and renewable. The bottle is American made. Our water comes from local sources and is bottled locally to further reduce the carbon footprint. Our water always tastes delicious.

Currently there are over 50 billion bottles sold annually in the US. Most are not disposed of properly and end up in landfills, rivers, oceans, etc. Ciao bottles will oxo-biodegrade in all of these environments and unlike other bio-plastics like PLA, our bottles can be recycled as well.

In addition, for every bottle of Ciao sold, a percentage of the proceeds go to 1% , an organization that works with non-profits throughout the US.

By choosing CIAO water you are making a difference.  Help us, help the earth one sip at a time.  Replenish, revive, renew.  Drink Ciao.

Hello Great Taste. Goodbye Waste.

Clean Oceans for our Future
One Percent
Boulder Valley School District
Road Recovery
Green Fest
Green NYC
Green World
Save the Dolphins
Support the Marshalls
Rockers In Recovery
One Peace
South African Clean Water Campaign
Public Radio
Humane Society of Boulder
Blue Sky Bridge
I Have a Dream
Peace for the Planet
Women In Film
United Colors
North Shore Animal League
Clean Water Drinking Act
Say NO to GMO
Homeless Coalition New York
Help for the Homeless
Warrior Project